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  • Why Cloud Computing?

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GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers.

GPKnet's focus is squarely on growing your business, we offer the platform, the service and expertise you need to get your business online fast, empower your employees, attract more customers and build stronger business relationships.

Aided by Microsoft's Dynamic Data Centre Toolkit and utilising Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2, GPKnet provides the platform to allow you to directly provision, manage, and monitor key infrastructure in the cloud environment.

With the GPKnet Virtual Server platform you’ll receive On-demand Virtual Server provisioning - the flexibility to add/reduce capacity and capabilities as required and only pay for what you use.
You’ll be able to leverage the full services offered by an enterprise data centre and trusted hosting partner and you’ll also reduce capital outlay for physical infrastructure assets and enjoy faster deployment times and reduce technology management issues.

Experience the best of what cloud computing has to offer.

Why Cloud Computing?

GPKnet provides cost-effective, scalable, and flexible solutions to our customers via proven technologies with no unnecessary complexity.
With GPKnet's cloud-based products, services and solutions, organisations can now move towards cloud computing models with absolute confidence.

What is a ‘Cloud’?
Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centres that provide those services. The services themselves have long been referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS), so we use that term. The data centre hardware and software is what we will call a ‘Cloud’.

The benefits of Cloud Computing include no hardware required, increased reliability, increased scalability, cost reduction, reduced software maintenance, no or very little downtime, increased security, efficient use of computer resources and Software as a Service (only pay for what you need).

Why On Demand?

GPKnet's Virtual Dedicated Servers provide the ability to cost effectively deliver Data and software applications on-demand, reduce deployment times and provide resources that are utilized based on demand. As demand changes, resources ramp up or down dynamically in order to meet the growing or shrinking workload.

GPKnet Virtual dedicated servers provide the foundation to deliver services such as file serving, messaging, CRM, storage and more.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

Unparalleled Scalability.

GPKnet's Dedicated Virtual Servers scale to meet your needs and requirements - purchase the exact server power you need, exactly when you want it, simply pay as you grow or alternatively downsize and reduce expenditure to suit the requirement.

With GPKnet's Dedicated Virtual Servers we make is easy to increase or decrease Processing power, RAM, Disk space, Bandwidth and IP Addresses. All with the click of a button controlled and managed by you.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

Total Business Mobility.

GPK's Dedicated Virtual Servers allow instant access to communication and productivity tools, allowing you to deliver the tools required to support a mobile work force.

Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 provides the platform to successfully operate and manage software tools such as Dynamics 4.0 (CRM), SharePoint, Exchange, Terminal Services, SQL and provide application virtualization via Citrix to name but a few.

GPKnet's hosting environment delivers the platform to allow your staff to increase their service offerings and to rapidly respond to business requirements.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

Increased Security and Availability.

GPKnet's dedicated hosting environment is second to none and our Virtual Servers are located within an extremely secure, highly available Enterprise Grade Data Centre based in Melbourne, Australia.

Core features of the data centre are unparalleled levels of security and availability.
The benefits of Data Centre hosting include professional security (the Data Centre is manned 24/7 by security guards), redundant power sources (fully redundant, uninterrupted power - multiple power sources with redundant feeders allowing for guaranteed uptime), enterprise cooling, fire suppression and smoke detection systems as well as enhanced connectivity.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

Reduced Expenditure.

Server virtualization offers significant financial benefits by minimizing the expenditure required for the hosting of your sites, applications, files, and email.
Because of the operational savings, with server virtualization, GPKnet can now offer customers better services at better prices, and by implementing Microsoft Dynamic Data centre, we can now easily allow customers to scale their services up and down as they wish. For example, the number of licenses, CPU-need and disk capacity that they require.

For smaller organizations in particular with tighter budgets, where floor space issues, connectivity and power related problems are common, 'pay-by-use' allows for enterprise solutions at small business pricing. Access to enterprise cloud hosting, servers and storage systems yields significant business advantages in mobility, scalability and stability - all at a fixed price.

Professional and Pro-Active Support.

GPK's qualified technical staff adhere to industry best practices to provision and manage our Virtual environment.

We provide the reliability, security, and professionalism required to operate a successful cloud environment. We monitor 24/7 all the hosts and guest servers and are proud to advise that for any reason if a host fails your server will automatically move to another host instantly.

We pro-actively monitor key infrastructure via Management and Customer Dashboards as well as System Control Panels. We monitor and act on all Alerts and Notifications to keep systems operating at peak performance levels and all networks are based on Cisco Systems.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

The Benefits continue...

As GPKnet adheres to the Microsoft's Dynamic Data Centre Toolkit resources and best practices we can provide the following features to our customers;

* Instantly provision computer processing power, network resources and storage.
* We offer Pay-by-use cloud computing.
* Allow for Business continuity via high availability.
* Increase Data Protection.
* Provide and manage Software Updates.
* Nightly backup via Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager.
* Provide Software Metering.
* Provide a managed configuration and environment.
* Provide pro-active Monitoring, Alerts & Notifications.
* All Servers run on a SAN environment with high availability.
* Provide SLAs for guaranteed uptime.

Pricing Matrix.

Pricing is as low as $125.00 per month, contact GPK to discuss what best suited for your requirement.

Phone Contact Information:
Phone: 1300 854 223
Fax: 1300 854 228

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Postal Address:
2/94 Abbott Road
Hallam, Victoria
Australia, 3803

Make better use of your resources.

Get swift, powerful, fully scalable and cost-effective computing capacity on demand with GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers.

GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers combine the cost efficiency of shared hosting with the greater performance and control offered by dedicated hosting - without paying out the large sums needed for initial set-up and maintenance of your own physical servers.

GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers provide all of the features and functionality of your own dedicated server at a fraction of the cost, because the expense of hardware, network connections and systems maintenance is shared between many individual customers. Multiple server environments are provided on a single server, but each GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Server is partitioned off, so it behaves exactly like an isolated server when it comes to users and applications, providing security and privacy.

Alongside the economic benefits, flexibility and security are key advantages of GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Server technology. Customers have complete control over the server environment, with the capability to add or change features and install software.

GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers provides you with quick and easy access to a secure virtualised environment and its operating system via a control panel, which allows you to tailor your IT requirements to fit your particular needs. Customers can increase or decrease capacity almost instantly, and a new server can be provisioned in just minutes.

GPKnet management tools provide unique benefits, empowering you to perform many different administrative functions without affecting other "server instances" or requiring any administrative support from GPKnet staff.

Plans come with:
• Clustered Configuration for High Availability
• High Speed SAN Storage
• Nightly Backups
• Full Administrative Root Level Access
• Guaranteed Physical Resources
• Complete Privacy

All this and more...

High Availability
GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers are built from the ground up to take advantage of Microsoft’s Failover clustering technologies, so that customer uptime is maximized. In the event of a hardware failure, virtual machines migrate to a new host in a matter of seconds.

High Speed San Storage
Instead of relying on a small number of disks attached to a single storage controller, GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Servers leverage the high speed and extreme reliability of SAN Solutions. By utilizing the performance of dozens of disks, disk bottlenecks are eliminated. Complete redundancy from the host to the disk ensures minimal downtime.

Even in the ideal environment, occasionally mistakes happen. Backups, provided by System Centre Data Protection Manager, enable easy rollback of changes made to your server, thus minimizing customer and business impact.

Data Centre
GPKnet’s modular Tier-1 data centre was specifically designed to be a world-class web hosting facility totally dedicated to uncompromised performance and security.

GPKnet has architected its network like no other hosting company. Every facet of our network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure.

Network security and the security of your server are GPKnet’s top priorities. Our security team is constantly monitoring the entire network for unusual or suspicious behaviour so that when it is detected we can address the issue before our network or your server is affected.

Engineers staff our data centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to manage the network infrastructure and top-of-the-line servers that host our clients' critical sites and services.

Support Centre

For all Sales and Support queries please contact GPK via;

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