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Build and Develop Amazing Web Applications.

GPKnet proudly offers Microsoft Windows Server 2008, the most advanced Windows Server operating system ever created. Designed to power the next-generation of "webmerizing" networks, applications and Web services.

Whether you are a developer building Web applications, or writing core server-based system services, GPKnet's Windows Server 2008 hosting solution provides new features and advanced functionality for more secure, flexible and innovative Web applications.

The possibilities are endless. Learn more about the five key Windows Server 2008 technology advantages that will take you to the next level.

Build more Flexible Web Applications.

For developers wanting to create flexible Web applications, Internet Information Server 7.0 (IIS7) provides a powerful platform on which to build.

With IIS7, developers can take control of the Web server footprint to increase security and decrease patching, more quickly resolve faulty applications, release to market faster, and reduce support costs with simplified deployment and application configuration, as well as rapidly leverage new technologies with IIS7's extensible framework.

IIS7 is also more efficiently managed with the introduction of new management APIs, a powerful new UI, a suite of command-line tools, and the capability to manage IIS7 directly from Windows PowerShell™.

Design highly Manageable Applications.

Today's complex applications need to be highly manageable with respect to deployment, monitoring, and administration.

The following technologies in Windows Server 2008 provide this manageability.
Microsoft Management Console 3.0
Windows PowerShell™
Windows Task Scheduler 2.0
Windows Eventing 6.0
Windows Installer 4.0

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Develop more Reliable Applications.

Building truly reliable applications that can handle everything thrown at them—everything from power outages to hardware failures—has been difficult. With the addition of several new technologies in Windows Server® 2008, building reliable applications has become easier than before.

Key Features:
Application Recovery and Restart
Restart Manager
Transactional NTFS
Transactional Registry (TxR)
Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM)

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Build Scalable Applications.

Windows Server® 2008 provides new scalability enhancements that enable businesses to build, deploy, host, and manage even the most demanding applications. The businesses of today and tomorrow demand more scalability of their servers, and Windows Server 2008 delivers by providing developers new ways to control the concurrent processing behaviours of their applications.

Core Features:
Thread Pool API Enhancements
Thread Ordering Service
Wait Chain Traversal (WCT)

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Leverage Virtualization.

Hyper-V R2 is Microsoft's new hypervisor-based virtualization product built into Windows Server® 2008. Virtualization is a powerful technology that enables consolidation of existing servers, business continuity through flexible data recovery capabilities, lower requirements for testing and development environments, and unique capabilities to make the management of branch offices easier than before.

Core Scenarios for Hyper-V R2:
Server Consolidation
Business Continuance
Testing and Development
Branch Office Management

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