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GPKnet Dedicated Virtual Services for Resellers.

Looking for an agile infrastructure delivered from a secure, highly available data centre? Looking to extend your hosting portfolio with high-value, high-margin services, such as managed hosting, on demand virtualized servers, clustering and network services?

With GPKnet’s Dedicated Virtual Services Reseller Program your business is empowered to;
Grow your Business offering.
Grow your Customer base.
Partner with a trusted Technology Provider.
Deliver solid and flexible solutions.
Concentrate on Service.
Leverage cutting edge technology to create the difference.

Aided by GPKnet and Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Centre Toolkit for Hosting Providers, you can deliver these services.

Simple Solutions for modern day Complexities.

GPKnet’s Virtual hosting platform is built on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V R2 and Microsoft System Centre. GPKnet’s Hosting platform provides the ability to grow your business offering based on a proven and trusted technology footprint.

GPKnet will provide the guidance to help you establish appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) and create portals that you or your customers can use to directly provision, manage, and monitor their infrastructure and provide the prescriptive guidance for creating managed services and hosted Cloud offerings.

With GPKnet’s Dedicated Virtual Service Program for Resellers your customers will enjoy the ability to create On-demand virtual machine provisioning.

.GPK - Complete IT Solutions

We’re here to help you Grow.

GPKnet will provide you with a customizable portal to allow you to manage your customers. You’ll be able to create new revenue streams and enable you to build an ongoing relationships with your customers while you scale your business with these resources.

We’ll also provide you with customizable marketing material that you can use to help you and your customers take advantage of these new solutions.

Additionally, GPKnet will provide you with step-by-step instructions and technical best practices to provision and manage a reliable, secure, and scalable virtual offering.

GPK - Complete IT Solutions

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GPK - Complete IT Solutions


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