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Microsoft Office Communications Online delivers robust instant messaging (IM) and presence functionality that enables real-time person-to-person communication across an organization.

Through presence awareness, workers can quickly detect a colleague’s availability for a time-sensitive consult or business-critical decision – and then connect rapidly using a reliable, security-enhanced IM solution.  Whether team members are in the next room or on the next continent, the powerful combination of presence awareness and IM can help improve productivity, drive business efficiencies and build a more agile organization.

Microsoft Office Communications Server helps you deliver streamlined communications to your users, so everyone in your organization can communicate with the right person, right now, from the applications they use most. Maintain operational control without expensive infrastructure or network upgrades, and deliver streamlined communications, including software-powered VoIP, Web and audio/video conferencing, and enterprise instant messaging.

Business-class presence and instant messaging

Phone or e-mail "tag" is an all too common communications problem in today’s business world. Often the problem stems from workers lacking visibility into other people's availability or "presence." Presence information is especially important when there is a need for a critical business discussion or a time-sensitive decision has to be made. Office Communications Online helps organizations increase individual productivity by combining presence with instant messaging in a secure environment.

Real-time collaboration capabilities within Office programs

Office Communications Online adds real-time collaboration capabilities and presence to the Microsoft Office programs workers use on a regular basis, such as Microsoft Office Outlook®, Microsoft Office Excel®, and Microsoft Office Word. Integrating presence in these applications helps integrate collaboration into the everyday workflow.

Collaboration capabilities within SharePoint sites

Office Communications Online serves as the presence engine for Microsoft SharePoint Online sites and portals, providing presence and IM access from within SharePoint sites. SharePoint Online is a separate service available from Microsoft Online Services.

Reduced travel and IT costs

Using Office Communications Online allows person-to-person communication across an organization without expensive business travel or costly long-distance or international calls. The service gives organizations the opportunity to focus IT resources on developing value instead of running IT infrastructure. Microsoft manages the risks and complexity of operational systems.


Microsoft has extensive expertise with Office Communications Server, supporting more than 100,000 global users on the Microsoft internal network. Since 2003 when the product was introduced, Microsoft has implemented Office Communications Server client and server services in an array of environments and developed best-in-class deployment and operational practices along the way.

Timely platform upgrades

The Office Communications Online service is regularly upgraded to take advantage of new features that become available with service pack releases or new versions of Office Communications Server. Any upgrade to the service is available to customers at no additional charge. This means that companies are not burdened with the planning and execution of upgrades and their users can start working with the latest features and improvements without delay.


  • Ability to display and detect presence availability of other users on the network.
  • Instant messaging over the Internet or a corporate network, with IM text encrypted.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Word for presence awareness and collaboration.
  • Presence integration with SharePoint sites.
  • Users can add distribution lists to their Contact Lists and IM with individuals or the entire list.
  • Person-to-person (1:1) audio and video inside a company LAN (between firewalls) environment.
  • Remote access to the service over the Internet.
  • Built on the proven capabilities of Microsoft Office Communications Server.
  • Increased network security with the Intelligent Instant Message Filter program.
  • Sign In application installed on users’ computers to provide a single sign-in point.

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