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GPKnet Hosted Solutions suite of products and services allows businesses to be more agile, mobile, secure and connected.
Increasing a company's productivity, allowing for better workplace collaboration and making access to information simple is core to the focus of GPKnet.

GPKnet Hosted Solutions offers reliable, cost-effective technology that enables business owners and employees to focus on business - without the requirement of purchasing expensive hardware and software.

GPKnet offers customized solutions for each individual customer. Businesses simply choose the components that suit their requirement, or GPKnet Technical consultants can consult on current business practises to develop and deliver the best solution to suit the need.

With 24/7 service and support from our team of specialised and dedicated engineers, GPKnet Hosted Solutions houses, protects and maintains mission-critical applications and systems.

From a single-rack solution to a custom-built suite of integrated hardware and software solutions, GPKnet Hosted Solutions offers the security and dependability required along with the option to quickly scale environments as business grows.

More importantly, GPKnet offer a full suite of managed services to support businesses - security, network, storage, application hosting and more.


Reduce overheads by reducing expenditure on costly hardware, software purchases.
Provide employees virtually "anywhere access" to e-mail and advanced software solutions whether you are in the office or on the go.
Provide the infrastructure to enable you and your business to respond to market dynamics faster and with confidence. Save time, increase workforce productivity, responsiveness to customers and assist your company better by cost effectively providing the right tools to get the job done.
Access files from inside or outside the office, without manually having to send them and save multiple versions. Plus, upload large files for customers to access in a collaborative and scalable environment.
Benefit from qualified professional service support and reduce in-house IT costs with Hosted Solutions that are expertly managed.
Help avoid business loss by quickly restoring services to a 'business as usual' state by tried and tested business processes.
Help improve your competitive advantage and customer satisfaction through increased workforce agility and faster decision making or approvals.
Improve workforce morale through more flexible ways of working.
Deliver secure and feature rich solutions with maximum flexibility.
Simply deliver more 'Bang for your Buck'.

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