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Plesk: Creating a new Email account
Instructions for creating a new Email account within Plesk.
Please click HERE to review or continue reading this document for a step by step instructional guide.
Should you have any issues with this procedure, please contact GPK Support as soon as possible.
GPKnet Internet
What sort of things count towards my data cap?

Anything that you do over the internet will count towards your data cap. This includes any browsing, email, music or video streaming as well as your normal ‘downloading’ of files. Data transferred over the PIPE network can count towards your unmetered cap (depending on your plan); anything else, even simple browsing, counts towards your normal usage limits. Uploads are not counted on most plans (please check your plan details for further information).

If I buy a modem from GPKnet does it come with a replacement warranty?

If you purchase a modem from GPKnet we do provide a 12 month replacement warranty if the modem is found to be faulty. The best way to prove this is to try another modem at your premises or take your modem to another service location and try it there. Please bear in mind that if the modem is returned to us and we find no fault, charged may be incurred for our time. Also note that postage costs should be covered by you. If you need any assistance with this please contact support on 1300 854 223 .

Where can I check my ADSL Usage?

To check your ADSL usage, use your GPKnet username and password (for most customers this will be the same as your default email address) to log into the ‘My Account’ section of our website. There is a ‘Check my Internet Usage’ link in the menu on the right hand side. Please see our My Account guide in the Support section for further instructions.

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Can GPKnet pre-configure my modem for me before sending it out?

We pre-configure all modems sent out from us. By doing this, we are able to confirm that these are working devices before we post them out to you. This means you should simply be able to plug the hardware in and start using it upon completion notification from us. Should there be any problems with your service once you have received your modem, please contact us on 1300 854 223 to troubleshoot the connection.

What is ‘Churn’ and can I use it?

A ‘Churn’ is when you transfer your current ADSL service over from one provider to another. Most ADSL1 services can be churned over to GPKnet without an issue. Unfortunately at this stage, there is no ratified Churn scheme for ADSL2 services, however in some rare cases and depending on a number of variables; these services can be provisioned earlier than normal.

Do I need a working phone service before I can get ADSL?

Yes. To provision a GPKnet ADSL service, a working dial tone must exist on the phone line. We are unable to place an ADSL order if there is a current order pending on the line. This includes waiting for a phone service to be provisioned.

What is a RIM and Pair Gain System?

A Large Pair Gain (RIM) is technology used by infrastructure builders to service more telephony services to an area, if you are connected to a RIM you are not connected directly to your phone exchange as there's not a complete copper path - generally this means you are only able to receive ADSL1 as this technology has been made compatible, ADSL2+ unfortunately is not.
If you are connected to a simple pair gain (PGS) system sometimes even receiving ADSL1 can be troublesome as there needs to be sufficient infrastructure to remove you from the Pair Gain System. If your order is successful you will be removed from the PGS and given a working service, this is known as line transposition, please note that transposition orders can take several weeks to be completed, but if there’s no available infrastructure they will generally be rejected within the normal 3-4 days.

Am I able to use a modem from another provider?

The short answer to this is yes. GPKnet Support is quite capable of configuring modems from most providers. There are occasions where providers can ‘lock’ the modem to their settings, making it difficult or impossible to use it with a GPKnet service, but we will do our best. If we are unable to configure the modem for use with us, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer or purchase a new modem completely. If you purchase a new modem from us, we will test and pre-configure it for you before posting, to ensure that connecting is as painless as possible.

What speeds should I expect from ADSL?
Please have a look at our speed range guide below. These are the speeds you should be experiencing based on what plan you are on.
  • Dialup users should expect about 5 KB/sec
  • ADSL1 Services:
    Plan SpeedMinimum acceptable speed (in Kilobytes)
    256/64kbps 17 KB/sec (138 kilobits per sec)
    512/128kbps 39 KB/sec (312 kilobits per sec)
    1500/256kbps 110 KB/sec (880 kilobits per second)
    8000/384kbps 110 KB/sec (880 kilobits per second)
  • ADSL2 Services:
    Line length from the exchangeMinimum acceptable speed (in Kilobytes)
    Less than 1KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 20Mbps
    Less than 2KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 14Mbps
    Less than 3KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 7Mbps
    Less than 4KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 4Mbps
    Less than 5KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 2Mbps
What would prevent me from getting ADSL?

There are some infrastructure limitations which may prevent you from getting ADSL at your requested location. These can be, but are not limited to:

  • RIM/Pair Gain Systems
  • Transmission loss
  • Inactive phone number
  • Number not on Telstra network

Generally we are unable to determine if your requested location falls under these categories until we start processing your order. They can result in anything from a small delay to the provisioning process or a complete inability to acquire the service at all. The best way to proceed is to simply apply for your desired service as most of the time there is no problem.

What do I get with my ADSL?
When you sign up with GPKnet for ADSL you will also receive the following:
  • 2 FREE mailboxes
  • 100MB of FREE webspace
  • FREE data uploads (excluding shaped plans)
  • FREE e-mail and telephone support from our Australian based call centre
  • FREE Virus and Spam scanning for your email
  • FREE webmail access to check your emails from anywhere

If you have any questions on what these additional features are or how to use them, please refer to our Support section or contact us on 1300 854 223.

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