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Plesk: Creating a new Email account

Instructions for creating a new Email account within Plesk.
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Should you have any issues with this procedure, please contact GPK Support as soon as possible.

This document will give you a step by step instruction of how to create an email account in PLESK control panel.


User has a website account hosted by GPK

User will computer or a media device that has Internet connection and are web enabled


Open your Internet browser and go to

Enter your username and password and hit Login

Click Create Mail Account under Mail section

Specify what the new email address will be and set the password for this email. Leave everything as default and click Finish at the bottom right of the screen

To access this new email we have to go to and specify the new email and password that you just created on the previous steps. Click Login to continue.

Upon logging on for the first time the system will ask you to set your time zone, you can select the right time zone, Country and Post code. For the purpose of this exercise we can just click the Next button

Click Finish to finish the setup


Center window will appear you can click Close on this window.

If you encounter any problem and need further assistant please do not hesitate to contact GPK on 03-9215-4000.

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