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What speeds should I expect from ADSL?

Please have a look at our speed range guide below. These are the speeds you should be experiencing based on what plan you are on.
  • Dialup users should expect about 5 KB/sec
  • ADSL1 Services:
    Plan SpeedMinimum acceptable speed (in Kilobytes)
    256/64kbps 17 KB/sec (138 kilobits per sec)
    512/128kbps 39 KB/sec (312 kilobits per sec)
    1500/256kbps 110 KB/sec (880 kilobits per second)
    8000/384kbps 110 KB/sec (880 kilobits per second)
  • ADSL2 Services:
    Line length from the exchangeMinimum acceptable speed (in Kilobytes)
    Less than 1KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 20Mbps
    Less than 2KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 14Mbps
    Less than 3KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 7Mbps
    Less than 4KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 4Mbps
    Less than 5KM 1.5Mbps (150KB/sec) - 2Mbps

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