Five Benefits of Moving to Cloud Solutions like Office 365

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Office 365

As technology paves the way for Australian businesses to compete in an increasingly global marketplace, many industries that were once location-dependent now have the freedom and flexibility to operate anywhere. Improved mobile networks, widespread wi-fi access and a growing number of cloud-based services are just some of the technologies underpinning this shift.


New GPK Retail Merlin & Power BI Product Brochure

GPK Retail Merlin and Microsoft Power BI

GPK Group are proud to give a sneak peek at the new Merlin™ and Microsoft Power BI reporting and dashboard development services product brochure ready for industry tradeshows and conferences in July 2017. We have been busy working away on developing and refining our brand and messaging in a cohesive and unified way.

PaaS, IaaS or SaaS: What’s Best for Your Business?

What's right for you? IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

Over the last couple of decades, many geographic barriers to trade have been eliminated with the use of technology. Real estate companies of all sizes and across all areas of property are now operating in a global market place, with sales and leasing transactions just as likely to take place via Skype as in a physical office. This has created a swathe of growth opportunities but it also means that now more than ever, it’s imperative to have the right IT systems in place.


Real customer insights drive your store success

Heat mapping of store aisles

The modern retail environment is a far cry from that of just a couple of decades ago. The rise of online shopping and social media, along with a growing desire amongst consumers to understand and be understood by brands and businesses, means that many of us now have multiple interactions with a retailer before visiting a physical store.


New Corporate Profile and Product Brochure


GPK Group are proud to give a sneak peek at some of the upcoming marketing content ready for industry tradeshows and conferences in June and July 2017. We have been busy working away on developing and refining our brand and messaging in a cohesive and unified way.

How as-a-Service (aaS) Can Help Your Business Grow


The Australian real estate market has undergone enormous technological change in the past 20 years. Whilst much of this has been driven by how customers prefer to consume information (think: online property search versus newspaper ads), agents are increasingly recognising the benefits new technology such as cloud services can provide these benefits, not just to marketing and customer relations, but also business systems and processes. 


3 Key Benefits of Mobile Payments


Today’s retailer faces a rate of change that is unprecedented. Franchises and independent stores vie for the business of increasingly tech savvy and time poor consumers. At the same time, storeowners and managers must stay abreast of local and international trends in order to compete in a global marketplace.

Maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace demands innovation. One of the best, yet largely untapped opportunities for retailers to boost operational efficiency and create a point of difference with their customer is at point of sale (POS).


8 Critical Success Factors to an Effective Strategic Partnership

At no point in history has it become more important to understand the phrase, “stick to your knitting.” Although in a rapidly changing world, doing the same thing better won’t necessarily help. Consequently, what ‘knitting’ should you focus on and how might you source the necessary ‘knitting’ capabilities needed? In this editorial we’ll provide you a framework that allows you to develop an approach to understand your motivations and the necessary partnership structures to develop successful outcomes.


How a strong partnership helps Morgan’s IGA and Supa IGA Dromana succeed

GPK Group - Unifying Technology
The life lesson goes something like this, “we can’t be experts in everything, so surround yourself with smart people and you will be on the path to success.” Customers are becoming more discerning not only wanting cheaper prices but also an experience that is emotionally satisfying.  Competitors are trying to out-compete each other, often through supply chain optimisation and technology driven innovations. However, the increasing pace of technological change creates challenges to keep up with technology driven customer service and operational innovations.  The rapid pace of change and competition means you need to be a retail and customer service expert and critically think how you source the right technological skills and capabilities. 

To compete effectively requires a strategy of differentiation and innovation as customers continue to pursue price and experience. A key way to achieve this strategy is for business owners to establish partnerships with suppliers who understand their business and competitive environment. This partnership should help them create new value propositions as well as manage core business systems and activities. This was achieved by both Morgan’s IGA and Supa IGA Dromana in partnership with GPK Group, a Victorian headquartered managed services and retail technology solutions provider.

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