Inside Job: Tools for Saving Your IT System From Innocent Errors

Protect yourself from hacking with AppLocker

Have you ever wondered where we’d be today without internet connectivity? It’s become so pervasive to how we do business, it’s hard to imagine life without it. But as our reliance on this powerful tool grows, so too does the security risk.

One of the most insidious yet least understood risks to your business security is malware. A malicious software designed to hack and damage your computer system, malware has a tenacity to rival Mike Tyson, and is growing at a phenomenal pace: in Q3 of 2016 alone, the attacks blocked by just one cyber security company topped 18 million - that’s an average of 200,000 attacks per day!


It All Adds Up: Why Integrate Your Accounting with POS?

Integrated accounting

When it comes to business performance, time is money. Yet there are tasks every retailer must do to keep the wheels turning that aren’t directly income producing. So how can you spend more time and resources working on your business, rather than in it?

Today the solution is increasingly found in the cloud. And two of the most impactful areas this technology can help are your point of sale (POS) system and accounting. Imagine the possibilities if these two systems could be integrated!


3 Reasons Why You Need An E-commerce Site

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Office 365

The digital age has changed the face of Australian retail. Tech-savvy, time-poor consumers are increasingly looking for ways to meet their needs better, faster and cheaper.

In retail, delivering the greatest product and service value is even more critical. Customers want a retailer who’s responsive, convenient and able to fulfil their shopping list week in, week out – whether that list contains one item or one hundred.


3 Key Ways Hardware-As-A-Service Helps Your Business

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Office 365

To succeed in today’s technology driven world, Australian businesses are increasingly compelled to improve operational efficiency and over-deliver on value in order to secure a competitive advantage. No matter what size the business, the IT function plays a pivotal role in achieving this. But often the very technology that drives operations is also one of its greatest drains on financial and human resources.


How Secure Are You? 6 Tips To Make Your POS Safe

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Office 365

Technology adds value to our business world in many ways, helping us work smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. It arms retailers incredible customer insights to drive marketing activities, streamlines inventory and stock control and helps optimise staff resources and service delivery. But as retailers embrace all the capabilities today’s point of sale (POS) technology offers, they may also open the door to cyber crimes that could stall or completely disable their business.


Five Benefits of Moving to Cloud Solutions like Office 365

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Office 365

As technology paves the way for Australian businesses to compete in an increasingly global marketplace, many industries that were once location-dependent now have the freedom and flexibility to operate anywhere. Improved mobile networks, widespread wi-fi access and a growing number of cloud-based services are just some of the technologies underpinning this shift.


New GPK Retail Merlin & Power BI Product Brochure

GPK Retail Merlin and Microsoft Power BI

GPK Group are proud to give a sneak peek at the new Merlin™ and Microsoft Power BI reporting and dashboard development services product brochure ready for industry tradeshows and conferences in July 2017. We have been busy working away on developing and refining our brand and messaging in a cohesive and unified way.

PaaS, IaaS or SaaS: What’s Best for Your Business?

What's right for you? IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

Over the last couple of decades, many geographic barriers to trade have been eliminated with the use of technology. Real estate companies of all sizes and across all areas of property are now operating in a global market place, with sales and leasing transactions just as likely to take place via Skype as in a physical office. This has created a swathe of growth opportunities but it also means that now more than ever, it’s imperative to have the right IT systems in place.


Real customer insights drive your store success

Heat mapping of store aisles

The modern retail environment is a far cry from that of just a couple of decades ago. The rise of online shopping and social media, along with a growing desire amongst consumers to understand and be understood by brands and businesses, means that many of us now have multiple interactions with a retailer before visiting a physical store.

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