Why Partner with an IT Managed Services Company?

Managed Services

Every business faces unique challenges, especially with ICT. If your technology environment, staff or leadership is holding you back, Managed Services can help you achieve your business goals. Managed ICT solutions provide the leadership to help you create a technical vision and structure for your business. With a right-sized and tailored to fit managed services solution a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can manage your ICT environment or complement your internal team, enabling them to become more productive and efficient.

A good MSP will have identified some of the most common challenges that drive an organization to choose a Managed Services solution. Whether your company is constantly putting out IT fires, a one-person IT department or looking to fill-in some missing ICT skill sets and MSP can customize a solution that fits your company's unique ICT needs which can absolutely help you use your IT to gain the competitive advantage.

The key element of Managed Services is that it is preventive and proactive in nature. A proactive model eliminates business disruptions, and gives you peace of mind that your networks are always secure and operational – without the surprises and unexpected expenses.

An MSP will use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform to continually monitor the health and performance of your ICT network—without any kind of disruption to your employees' activities. A robust RMM platform supports early detection and remediation of issues before they cause downtime or data loss as well generate regular reports to provide insight into your ICT system, including the business value of the MSP services, which will help you plan and budget future ICT expenditure.

Many businesses continue to be 'reactive,' and handle ICT issues as they arise. A MSP will deliver the level of Managed Services your company needs to ensure a stable and secure ICT environment.

How an MSP can help:

Cost: Budgeting – monthly fee/ long term savings from reduced down time and increased efficiencies/partnering with a MSP will help you grow your business

Focus on your core business function: Do what you are good at and leave the IT to the experts

Better resources: An MSP is more likely have the latest Tech and know what could help your business

Skill Sets: Access to a wide range of IT experts and not limited to the one person who may lack the knowledge to take your business to the next step.

Productivity: Your managed service provider is monitoring your system and providing proactive maintenance that leads to less down time

Risk: What would it cost your business if your IT was to fail? A MSP will Monitor and manage your backups and help you avoid Operation Risk, Fraud and Data Loss

Article written by GPK Service Delivery Manager Kevin Croft.

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