Four things that everybody should know about security and your email


Malicious Email Prevention Easy Guide

With the recent and rapid increase of malicious email attacks, events and SCAMs we here at GPK wanted to spread some general advice on how to handle emails to help safeguard your organisation and teach your users how to handle their email responsibly.

The Basic Rules

#1 Never open or download an attachment in an email unless you are 100% sure where is comes from.

Explanation: This is an extremely common method for a virus and/or Malware to enter your network. In particular recently the Cryptolocker Virus (See below for some further information) has made news entering networks and holding business for ransom by disguising itself in attachments in emails from large government organisations such as the ATO or the Australian Federal Police.

#2 Never click on links inside an email unless you are 100% sure where it will take you.

Explanation: Often links in malicious emails will either prompt your computer to download a Virus or Malware or the link will be for a Phishing website. These website will pose as a well-known websites such as E-Bay or Banking Sites and often ask for passwords and/or account verifications.

#3 Use your common sense.

Explanation: If you receive an odd email from anyone (even from someone inside your organisation) treat is cautiously. For example if you receive an email from the Australian Federal Police and you have no cause for them to contact you then it’s likely a malicious email.

#4 When in doubt ask GPK

Explanation: We here at GPK are always available to double check anything you are unsure about. We would rather check a real email then have that one slip that will cost your business days or longer in man-hours and potentially thousands of dollars.

Also please have a look at our recent article on a new form Cryptolocker targeting Australians that is causing major issues.

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Be careful, the world wide web has many (costly) pitfalls and not all things are as they seem - Yacob The Yak presents some 'possible' internet based 'scams'.

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