New form Cryptolocker attacking Australians


What is Cryptolocker?

Crypto locker is a nasty form of malware that encrypts files on the victim’s computer then holds them to ransom. The new version of Cryptolocker targeting Australians is demanding ransoms of $450 if paid immediately to $1000.00 if victims delay payment.

There have been reports of Victims paying the ransom and their files remained unusable. The virus spreads via email which will appear like a message for a UPS or FedEx tracking notification.  In the email it has a ‘zip’ file type attachment which contains a file inside with an extension of *.pdf.exe. (NOTE: The Icon will often appear as a PDF icon which makes it tricky to spot) By opening this attachment you will unleash the virus on your computer which then spreads rapidly to your network.

One of the most recent CryptoLocker fake emails:



A good backup regime can help protect against this type of malware – you do not need to decrypt a file if you have a copy of it. Symantec and Webroot security software can detect this latest Cryptolocker variant, however you should always think twice or check with GPK before opening any suspicious attachments.

In the most recent cases the malware has come in the form of a Federal Police fine, an attachment from a courier or even fake Payroll tax emails. These emails will allow you to follow a link to an official looking web site where you can down load a zip file which in turn contains the malware virus. If you continue to open the PDF file (actually and EXE file – Executable Program File) you will find that your computer infected and your files encrypted. With no option but to pay the ransom in order to get your files decrypted… maybe.


What should you do when your computer becomes infected?

When you discover that a computer is infected with CryptoLocker, the first thing you should do is disconnect it from your wireless or wired network. This will prevent it from further encrypting any files. Some people have reported that once the network connection is disconnected, it will display the CryptoLocker screen.

You should then call GPK Support for assistance and we will do whatever it takes to correct the situation.


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