One step beyond! GPK Group takes out first prize in the City of Casey 10,000 step Challenge

GPK Groups initiative to become a healthy workplace saw three teams from the Melbourne office compete in the City of Casey 10,000 Step Challenge with awesome results - out of the 140 teams competing GPK Group took out the top 3 awards!

The 10,000 Steps challenge proved a fantastic opportunity to promote fitness in the workplace and support a great initiative. The 10,000 Step Challenge encourages the use of step-counting pedometers to keep track of daily activity levels so there was a bit of tech wizardry to generate an interest.

GPK Group won the following;

  • Overall workplace leader:
    GPK Group with an average of 16,927 steps per day.
  • Overall team leader:
    GPK Group Walkaholics with an average 26,862 steps per day.
  • Individual with the highest average of steps:
    GPK Group Walkaholics's member with an incredible average of 36,291 steps per day.

As a company to compete with so many businesses and take out the highest average number of steps for a workplace was a fantastic achievement and to which every member of GPK Group contributed to the result.

Interested in learning how you can improve your office day to day fitness?

Here's GPK Groups top tips on how to incorporate walking into your work day and improve your fitness.
As we are a technology company a lot of our day is spent sitting at a desk. It has been a challenge but not impossible to increase our daily activity.

  1. Get up a bit earlier and go for a walk before work. Starting your day by walking (why not take the dog!) for half an hour to 40 minutes. It is hard to start off with but gets easier each day. A 40 minute walk can add 5000 steps!
  2. Get up and walk around the office every hour. Not only is this great for your back and posture but you guessed it... you also add a more steps every hour.
  3. Park a little further away from the office and walk. Some of our employees have found by not parking at the closest carpark whether it be to the office, supermarket or airport, that they have increased their steps easily.
  4. Encourage others to go for a walk at lunchtime. We have a couple of groups that go for a walk around the block during their lunch breaks (at different times), this can take 40 minutes and of course that could be another 5000 steps!
  5. Research some interesting walking paths close to work. This not only makes your lunchtime/after work walk a little more interesting but you might be amazed at what is available in your area!
  6. Set up Fitbit daily challenges and Workweek Hustles with your work colleagues. This is a great way to share your stepping and encourage each other into putting just a few extra steps in after work to reach your goal. Especially effective for those who enjoy a little healthy competition.
  7. Watching a webinar or in a conference call? Get up and do a few laps of the room. Every step counts! Our sales team had their weekly sales meeting walking this week.
  8. Fight the couch... It is very easy to go home from work and just want to chill out. After dinner go for a walk or even better a short run. The quicker you go the more steps you get. From our team feedback it gets a lot easier after the 1st week.
  9. You need to get some extra steps to reach your 10,000 step goal and it's late at night? Here are a few suggestions from our employees:
    • Do laps around your kitchen at night while watching your favourite TV show.
    • Do some laps of your driveway. You can get an extra few thousand steps without having to leave your home property. In 20 minutes you could achieve another 2000 steps!
    • Try running instead of walking and see how you go.
  10. Finally remember you have to start somewhere. Try to add a few more steps each day and look for opportunities to get up and move. There are a lot once you start looking. If you are struggling, ask a friend how they are going with their steps or if you know someone is struggling to reach their goal, offer to go for a walk with them on their break. Every step counts and walking with a friend or colleague may just be the boost you need to get those extra steps!

Good luck with your challenge and great work for being just a little healthier with every step!

About GPK Group

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GPK currently have 37 employees and entered 3 Melbourne teams in the City of Casey 10,000 Step Challenge.

  • GPK Group Walkaholics
  • GPK Group Silent but deadly
  • GPK Group Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

You may have seen them walking the streets of Hallam during their breaks, and you might just see them in the future as well.


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