Scam Alert: ATO Debt Recovery?

fraud_800Have you been contacted by someone who claims to be working with the ATO Debt Recovery?

Have you being contacted by one of the numerous debt collection agencies that have been engaged to recover an estimated $22 Billion in debts or is it a scam?


Have you seen the Raspberry Pi 2?


This tiny computer (pictured below besides an Apple Phone 5S) has a Broadcom 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and 1GB of RAM. If you add a 5V micro USB power supply as well as an HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable, and an 8GB micro SD card - class 10 or better, the Pi is able to run Windows 10 and has a VGA output for a Screen.

Losing customers? Could Customer Relationship Management be the answer?

Is a CRM right for your business?

CRM - customer relationship management - is essential for any business needing to keep track of their customers.

If you find that you need a way to track your current, past, and potential customers or feel that you are possibly loosing clients because you are not adequately tracking your clients’ needs, sales or opportunities then this article may be of some help.

Have you seen the Microsoft Office 2016 preview?

Have you seen the Microsoft office 2016 preview? Do you want to try out the new version?


Federal Budget creates a win for small business!


The Federal budget contains a number of wins for small business such as;

  • Reduced corporate Tax rate
  • Asset write off and support for start-ups.
  • Tax discount for unincorporated small business.

Four things that everybody should know about security and your email


Malicious Email Prevention Easy Guide

With the recent and rapid increase of malicious email attacks, events and SCAMs we here at GPK wanted to spread some general advice on how to handle emails to help safeguard your organisation and teach your users how to handle their email responsibly.


New form Cryptolocker attacking Australians


What is Cryptolocker?

Crypto locker is a nasty form of malware that encrypts files on the victim’s computer then holds them to ransom. The new version of Cryptolocker targeting Australians is demanding ransoms of $450 if paid immediately to $1000.00 if victims delay payment.


Why Partner with an IT Managed Services Company?

Managed Services

Every business faces unique challenges, especially with ICT. If your technology environment, staff or leadership is holding you back, Managed Services can help you achieve your business goals. Managed ICT solutions provide the leadership to help you create a technical vision and structure for your business. With a right-sized and tailored to fit managed services solution a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can manage your ICT environment or complement your internal team, enabling them to become more productive and efficient.

GPK makes the CRN Fast50

Sydney, Australia, 3rd December 2014 – GPK is announced number 40 in the CRN 50 fastest-growing companies in Australia at their annual CRN Fast50 ceremony in Sydney.
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Be careful, the world wide web has many (costly) pitfalls and not all things are as they seem - Yacob The Yak presents some 'possible' internet based 'scams'.

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