GPK Managed Services Benefits of Managed Services

Managed Services - The Benefits.

Designed to lower costs and increase efficiencies, GPK Managed Service Agreements build relationships today that endure the test of tomorrow.


Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership
Professional network monitoring and maintenance saves time and money by helping to prevent expensive network disasters.
GPK MSA services have been designed to provide the critical technical support required to maximize infrastructures speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of full-time IT staff and personnel.
Fixed IT Management and Support Costs
Managed Service Agreements facilitate fixed IT costs, allowing for accurate budgeting. GPK MSA services are structured on a per device formula, allowing for pricing transparency and accurate growth forecasting.
GPK offers the flexibility of different invoicing terms, including monthly, quarterly or annually.
Guaranteed Service Levels
GPK MSA Clients enjoy the benefits of guaranteed response times and priority onsite support to ensure IT infrastructure is operating at maximum performance at all times.
GPK offers a comprehensive set of workflows to ensure that all service needs are responded to within a time frame dependent on their urgency.
Scalability and Flexibility
The GPK MSA is an all encompassing solution to manage the entire technology footprint of our Clients. The components of our MSA services are designed to suit specific business and technological requirements.

Easy to understand MSA Plans are designed to provide Clients with the critical technical support needed to maximize infrastructure speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of full-time IT staff and personnel.
Proactive Partnership
GPK is a professionally certified technology partner dedicated to Information Technology resource management. In partnering with GPK, businesses are provided with regular and ongoing reviews based on current and future technology utilisation, risks and future requirements.

GPK believes in building trusted and beneficial partnerships with our Clients. GPK generates awareness of Information Technology opportunities as well as ensuring businesses are running cost effectively, efficiently and with as low risk as possible.

GPK’s proactive approach to maintaining IT systems ensures less unproductive downtime and allows businesses to focus on current and new strategic business endeavours.

GPK’s proactive maintenance schedules ensure business continuity, stability and efficiency ensuring that core business technology and processes are maintained and available.


Continuing Infrastructure Assessment and Auditing
GPK, as a component of the MSA performs an initial IT infrastructure audit and presents the findings to the Clients. The audit provides clarity about the resources utilised by the Client and highlights any potential risks or compliance issues.
Proactive Monitoring and Servicing
Specific monitoring and proactive servicing of our Clients information technology environment allow for greater peace of mind and allows our Clients to focus on current and new strategic business endeavours.
Professional, Qualified and Dedicated Systems Engineers
GPK MSA ensures quick access to professional, qualified, and experienced systems engineers that exceed the services offered by traditional in-house IT departments without the associated costs.

GPK System Engineers are highly trained and certified in the technologies utilised by our Clients. Additionally, GPK System Engineers are trained in-house to encompass an overall knowledgebase specific to our Clients IT infrastructure and business focus.
Third Party Technical Support Management
As a trusted business partner, GPK assumes the role of in-house technical support and will directly interface to third party technology providers to co-ordinate services and act as a single point of contact for the resolution of any technological related issue that is covered in the MSA.
Dedicated Helpdesk
GPK Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for all Client support requirements and is available from the following timeframes;
  • 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • 24 hour
The services provided by the GPK Helpdesk can be extended on request from the standard Monday to Friday AEST to include support services for 7 days a week.
GPK MSA offers the flexibility our Clients require by providing services that suit the time frame that are critical to our Clients business operations.
Professional Infrastructure Management
GPK’s responsibility is to ensure that our Clients technology systems are online and performing at peak performance levels.
GPK MSA services ensure that the responsibility of an efficient IT infrastructure is in place and being proactively managed by a professional and qualified technology partner.

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