The GPK MSA Managed Server includes the following;

Items Covered

            Server Standard
            Server Small Business Server Standard
            Server Small Business Server Premium
            Server Virtual


Server Audit and Inventory Module

Maintain and track Asset locations.
Maintain and track Server specifications.
Maintain and track Server warranty details.
Maintain and track Faults against Asset.
Maintain and complete scheduled automated software and hardware inventory scans.
Provide detailed inventory listings as required for asset management tracking and compliance purposes.

Server Patch Management Module
Manual patching of Microsoft server and server application service packs (GPK tests patches in house prior to general distribution as part of the GPK approval process).
Scheduled patching of standard Microsoft server OS security updates and updates for non critical patches as required/recommended.
System scans to ensure that all Server OS requirements are current and up to date with current patch levels.

Server Monitoring, Alerting and Management Module
Monitor the availability of Servers on the Network.
Monitor Server Applications availability to End Users.
Review Server logs for any errors and attend to as necessary.
Graph Server Performance over time for historic review.
Analyse Graphing data for potential performance bottlenecks and action as required.
Monitor Servers for general system performance (including temperature, hard drive space, memory usage and CPU utilization).
Monitor specific performance of applications including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.
Monitor critical operational services, including Anti-Viral status and other critical alerts.
Provide corrective maintenance for any monitored items triggering an alert.
Provide proactive maintenance, such as performance enhancements, best practice security configurations, administering anti-spam programs, etc.

Server Software Deployment and Updates Module
Centralised administration of delivering software updates to supported applications (such as Adobe Reader).
Centralised administration of delivering security related updates to supported applications.

Server Licensing Compliance Module

Review installed software is covered by a valid licensing agreement.

Server Anti Viral Management Module
Maintain active and up to date Anti Viral Management on Server(s).

Server Management Reports Module
Facilitate regular "Executive Summary" reports on server health.
Provide additional granular reports on request.

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